Desserts and Bakery

Glenwood Desserts

Our dessert tray has over a dozen options every day. A few of the many delectable temptations are: Frozen Peanut Butter Pie, Triple Berry Pie, Midnight Madness, Chocolate Cappuccino Bomb, Key Lime Coconut Angel Food Cake, Carmel Custard with Pecans, Homemade Irish Cream, Cannolis, Turtle Sundae or Chocolate Cheesecake with Frangelico Cream. All desserts are prepared in the Glenwood kitchen. Life is uncertain, don’t miss dessert!

Glenwood Bakery Items

Check out the restaurant bakery case or the Glenwood Market on River Street in Manistee for the daily selection of our home made treats. Treat yourself or share the Glenwood’s fresh-baked goodness with a friend!

Glenwood Fresh Baked Breads

We now carry cranberry walnut bread, asiago cheese bread, harvest grain bread and potato rosemary bread.

The Glenwood’s Housemade Pies

Old-fashioned, home made pies were The Glenwood’s new dessert feature in 2009. Baked fresh by Donna in The Glenwood’s oven.


A family recipe made from Meister’s Apple Valley Farms apples.


Featuring Smeltzer Orchard’s cherries.

Triple Berry – Cherry-Raspberry-Blueberry

A top selling feature from The Glenwood’s dessert tray.


Northwest Michigan Blueberries. Some say the best of its kind!


A holiday tradition. Flaky crust and rich pumpkin.

Pecan Chocolate Cream

A dessert staple at The Glenwood for over 10 years. Please call ahead.